The Ball Snatchers started training with Kelly and Aaron Robbins in 2008. Both the handlers and the dogs were new to the sport and had to learn the sport of Flyball from scratch.

Our very first tournament was in Richmond Hill in the middle of the winter. We learned a lot that weekend:

Which brings us to 2013! We now have 13 people and 21 dogs in total, 15 dogs running, 1 retired, 1 semi-retired and 4 pups in training. We have learned a lot more than the basics above, but one thing is still the same, RR team members are still the BEST!

Many of us frequently stated that we were not competitive just out to have some fun with our dogs. It turns out we are ALL competitive. We lost many, many tournaments before we finally placed. In 2010, we attended our first CanAm tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana and won the Division Championship. What a shock! Couldn't have done it without Dave Walt and Angela Decker's help in the ring!

March 31th at the Some Rough Competition tournament in Rockton we broke into the 15 seconds. What excitement! It is heartwarming to have so many people cheer us on.

We are very proud to be Flyball competitors and can't wait to meet you all in the running lanes! Happy racing!